Everyone is shaped by their surroundings. As we grow, we are sculpted not only by our experiences, but also by our environments. The same is true of Elvis Aron Presley and his surroundings in Memphis in the 1950s.

Sadly, some of the very places where a young, malleable Elvis came of age—those same places that shaped him—have been lost forever. Luckily, other integral sites remain to be saved and shared with the world.

With the SHAPE OF KINGS tour, we can rescue those overlooked avenues and institutions, repackage them for tourism, and share them with Elvis fans from all over the world.

Each of these locations will be honored with a sculpture (or SHAPE) inspired by Elvis and selected in an international competition of artists. Each SHAPE serves as the anchor of it's locale—a historic marker, a commemorative artwork, and an invitation to reflect on the Memphis that shaped the KING.

For all the fans in the world market—from those who didn't know Memphis to those yet born—SHAPE OF KINGS goes to the places where Elvis walked, lived, and laughed. To the places that helped shape the man and the legend.

©2006 JMM