...and no money.

While CORI DIALS was in Memphis as Official Hostess for the ON LOCATION: MEMPHIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, she sat in on a panel moderated by Filmmaker MIKE McCARTHY called MAKING IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS ... and no money. Other guest collaborators included photographer DAN BALL, musician POLI SCI CLONE, Video Artist HOWARD GRAY, and Effects Man JIM EIKNER. (Videographer TOM WAYNE was busy pulling an all-nighter for the festival).

The Artists talked about their collaborations with Guerrilla Monster films in helping McCARTHY pull off his various pop-visions. In introducing each guest, McCARTHY decided to produce video segments; the first subject was long time friend and effects artist JIM EIKNER. Specifically, the night that he came over to test an airbrush technique on Last Starlet CORI DIALS who was to play "CADAVERA, the girl made from the parts of dead movie stars". ™

McCARTHY will use this page (in conjunction with the more straight-forward COLLABORATORS page) to produce future VIDEO pieces spotlighting Guerrilla Monster Films collaborations.

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