"INDIE POP INNOVATOR. . ." Chris Davis - Memphis Flyer

The Best of Poli Sci Clone

Traveling Show.mp3
This way again.mp3
Split Personallity.mp3
Rock n Roll Joe.mp3
Never Wonder.mp3
Midwestern Digs.mp3
I'm in blue.mp3
Das Vadonia.mp3
Cradle Upon the Moon.mp3
American Dreamer.mp3
As a Circus.mp3

Poli's only known side project

Originally the idea behind Poli Sci Clone was to have a 100% driving hard rock band named Sci Clone! Then I rewatched The Music Man in which one of the lead characters -- a music major -- had a minor in Poli Sci.

Majors, minors, I thought, yeah, I can use both of these keys!!

Needless to say there was no tie in with my name being Paul. That was a bonus of a coincidence. And, yeah, I do answer to Poli. But hopefully someday every one will spell it right. No more: suck alone!

It is a band name not a moniker!!

"Me dad's dead" ....Joe Strummer
"Those were rumours" ....George Harrison

Foto by Dan Ball