Written, Directed, & Produced by J.Michael McCarthy (Big Broad Films, distributed by Something Weird Video, 1995)

Almost ten years ago, John Michael McCarthy's CADAVERA debuted as a one-shot backup feature in Mr. Monster (Dark Horse Comics), After that, this Groovy Ghoulie appeared in two issues of her won magazine put out by Fantagraphics, who also published McCarthy's SUPERSEXXX among other titles. These strips showcased JMM's southern fried methedrine-laced mythologies comprised of Trash Culture's finest scrap parts. Unfortunately for those of us there At The Beginning who have tried to gobble up all the grease that spits out of his brain-pan, McCarthy recently admitted that "Comics haven't done a damn thing for me....I spend 9 months on a comic, which is my own personal thing...& closer to true art....So it's very ironic that I can crank out a piece of shit movie - ". Now ho'd on a minute, Big Bad John! This here TEENAGE TUPELO you Orson Welled measures up just fine next to yer graphic work & that's not just whistlin' Dixie... I've read a butt -load of reviews that compare this epic to Russ Meyer (probably MUDHONEY) or John Waters (take yer pick). Now this may seem hard for some of you to believe but parts of TT have the stark feel of the finest work by David Lynch (The boss instrumental music by IMPALA doesn't hurt either). but without the pretension... Like when "Starlet" D'Lana Tunnell is parading around wearing mostly Memphis factory-air, does she look a little like Isabella Rossellini at the end of BLUE VELVET or what? Oh yeah, - The Plot: D'Lana is knocked up by Elvis stand in Johnny Tu-Note; gets revenge with the help of a cool dyke gang, The Manhaters; gives birth onscreen to J. MICHAEL McCARTHY (!); switches places with sexplotiation Starlet Topsy Turvy; then leaves town. Along the way Man is revealed as the rubber fish lure that he truly is; the A-Bomb is dropped; & (he's THE SHIT) Cap'n Crypt reveals a Kozmik Truth: "There IS no Right, There is no Wrong, There just IS - HAR HAR HAR!" A new flick, THE SORE LOSERS, will probably be out by the time you read this, featuring more Memphis belles, cars. & Men in Black (!) ... but McCarthy had better do more comics as well or this Cranky Yankee will South & start The Civil War all over again. Great Art is worth fightin' for. - THE JOEY ZONE

" The quote from me that Joey Zone uses above was from from the Damselvis, Daughter of Helvis comic book in which I was referring to Damselvis, NOT Teenage Tupelo. "