FINGERS LIKE SATURN will play the old Antenna Club at 1588 Madison (now the Madison Flame) on Friday June 29th, 2007 at midnight.

Opening bands will be the LIMES (Shawn Cripps, Harlan T. Bobo, Brendon Spangler, Brandon Robertson and Paul Buchignani. The third band is SECTOR ZERO.

This will be the first show for FINGERS LIKE SATURN.

FINGERS are (l-r) O.J., Lipstick Pickup, Cello Biafra, Maggie Manifesto, King's Den, Thin White Trash, and Johnny Oddsblood. (Eighth Finger: 'Mid-South Con' not pictured but is slated to play a July show.)

Foto by Winston Eggleston. Poster Design by Brian Dixon. Silk Screen by Jay Crum. Planetary sculpture by Yvonne Bobo. Poster produced by PromoSapien copyright 2007. Silk Screen prints for sale at the show or at

See the upcoming "9 to 5" feature by photographer Jonathan Postal in Memphis Magazine where four different Fingers will be featured throughout 2007.

Fingers Like Saturn are currently being recorded by Steve Selvidge at his Backhouse Studio in Memphis.