May 2007: Eggleston foto shoot goes awry as Thin White Trash gets pummeled by fellow Fingers as Winston, unconcerned, clicks away. Several bruised ego's and a minor cut over the right eye of Johnny Oddsblood foreshadow dark days ahead for the otherwise happy go lucky band.

However ... We didn't do too bad for a band that was mostly treated like a hostage, pushed into a mercedes benz, driven to drink, then abandoned later by the chauffeur.

Eight fingers, eight planets. Eight months. A shadow band. Made from the pieces of other bands. "The Spiders From Lamar". Over 250 years of rock and roll experience between us. One record, one show, one singer. We ARE Something Alien In The Park.

11 song "SOMETHING ALIEN" to be released on blood red vinyl in Spring, 2008. Songs will be posted online at this site for free.

A little background music, please....

Japan, 1986 - Lipstick Pickup pinches David Bowie on the ass in a crowded room but declines to follow the entourage upstairs.

Memphis, 1986 - (Dec. 30) Future King's Den sings on stage at the Antenna Club with Distemper (Johnny Oddsblood & Thin White Trash).

Twenty years later...

Fall, Winter, 2006: Thin White Trash blown away by future Betty Butcher ultra-vox, asking her to sing in punk singles cover band. Thin White Trash gets off on zetaphoric Bowie history in Mick Rock's "MoonAge DayDream" tome via giftage from videartist Iddo Patt. Elvis and Bowie share the same birthday and now are inseparable in Thin White minds eye. Fingers Like Saturn will not be a cover band: two songs have been written: "Strangers From Above" and an homage to Eros and the Black Dahlia called "Black Ray of Sunshine" by December 12.

The band name comes from an idea passed down from Thin White's daughter Hanna: a school project with her favorite planet and objects that share rings. The book Moonage Daydream also reveals a 1973 Memphis music program called the "Saturn Show", premiering the video "Gene Genie", now lost. All this and a pre-Xmas Fingers Meeting at La Chardonay. Thin White Trash and Johnny Oddsblood embark on third band in as many decades with a dream line-up.

DEC 30, 2006 - First foto shoot with Winston Eggleston (w/ Mid South Con) noted as unconscious 20 year reunion (see above).