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foto by JMM
design by Ron Harris
Cadavera © 2006

“You can come back from the dead but you can’t go back home.”

One day in August 2006 as the 29th DEATHWEEK beat down upon us, black tressed CORI DIALS strolled into Sun Studio. When she told me that she liked to make her own blood and guts and play dead in photographs (meanwhile she sells health insurance!) we hit if off immediately! “Strange lass, this Cori”, I thought...with Tura Satana eyes, Bettye Page jaw, and Veronica Lodge hairline.

I accompanied CORI on a horror movie shoot where she was hogtied in the back of pick up truck for hours (without complaining once). At an incredible antique junkyard location she climbed into rusted out car trunks at dusk after winning the approval of a County Deputy who at first stood in our way. CORI doused herself in red karo syrup and cherry jello - just to play dead.

“I have someone dead you can play.”

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After being decapitated in an accidental collision with a time-traveling spacecraft, an unhappy teenage girl is resurrected by a Mad Scientist, who attaches the girl’s head to a body made from the parts of dead movie stars. Her new life proves complicated and dangerous, as she finds herself the prey in a deadly game, stalked by a devious woman with mechanical hands who will stop at nothing to reclaim the human hands that once were hers – but now belong to Cadavera.

"CADAVERA" and "HOTROD UFO'S" are owned and copyright Mike McCarthy / GuerrillaMonster Films, 2008. It's creator is in possession of all rights. Document of Registration with the Writers Guild of America #988130 on 04/08/04.

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In the full tilt movie script Professor Shelley drives the black metal flake TWINBOLT Hotrod UFO and it is THIS UFO that runs head on into Mildred Foster and decapitates her pretty head. This other sleek number; the orangey-yellow FLAMEJOB is a Hot rod UFO only a nazi could love, EVA BRAUN that is. She and CADAVERA have a race to the death near the end of the screenplay! Click on the middle movie to see these two saucers battle it out on alien terrain!

Hot Rod UFO conception and design by Mike McCarthy, Modeling and Animation by Jeff Mitchell and H.G. Ray.

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