(1) Hey Cori, tell us who you are and what planet you're from...

Hi. I'm an ass kickin' hip swingin' undertaker from Saturn.

(2) How did you originally hear about the Memphis Roller Derby?

I was there for the very first pow wow when MRD was still in her mothers ovaries. I read an ad online that said, "we wanna do derby and if you do too, come to this pool house and we'll see what we can get going" I went and saw other girls that I could see kickin ass with and went head first into the whole derby vortex.

(3) Which team were you on and for how long?

I was on the Priss Killa Prezleys, hands down the most vivacious team at the time. We didn't win much but we looked damn good. I was in MRD for I guess two years or so, wish I could have done it longer.

(4) How did you get your derby name "NIKKI CAVE"?

I'm not a religious girl so I look to music for inspiration, motivation and stress relief. Nick Cave and Elvis Presley are my Jesus' of sorts. I knew I would pay homage to Elvis somehow being in derby, in Memphis. And I did; being on the PKPs. Nick Cave was such a huge influence on my music at the time that it just seemed fitting. My full derby name was Nikki Cave: the bad seed.... Number L7. All musically inspired.

(5) What's your interest with rock and roll music? Are you in bands?

I use to play in THE SPLINTS. I was the singer in FINGERS LIKE SATURN. Im the singer in this virtual band called THE NEHILISITICS with members from all over. We have one song called "Dark For You". I think we're gonna try and do it on stage at Nocturnal for the Cigarette Girl After Party. It would be a crying shame if I came to Memphis and didnt get to perform.

(6) Tell us a favorite story or two about being in the Priss Killa Prezleys.

All the girls were great and we all got along really well. We would have craft nights and drink mojitos. We got to go to Graceland for the bike run and feed a slew of ravenous bikers next to Elvis' castle. We had frequent costume changes so we were constantly coming up with ideas. I always enjoyed seeing Bo Peeps boobs and Hustlin' Flo's Grill, Dirty C's ass.... yeah, we all were just awesome.

(7) Why did you leave the Roller Derby and where do you live now, what do you do?

I Had to leave derby because I moved to VA. I'm in the DC area now. I work at a funeral home takin care of the dead. So if you hear that death rattle, I prolly won't be far away.

(8) What was it like being Ms. June 2008 in the Memphis Roller Derby Calendar? 

That photo shoot was so fun!  I felt weird knowing that someone had to look at me for an entire month. All of our pictures were hanging in peoples kitchens, stores, bathrooms, ceilings over teenage boys beds. (long pause) ... yeah. Anyway, definitely glad I got make locker rooms a little cheerier.


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(9) What was it like working with Samantha Pinegar (retired Memphis Derby) in the 2007 Xmas Derby-Burlesque at the Hi-Tone?

I love Sam! She had such a great wardrobe so it was so fun coming up with our costumes. We were the poster girls for the show and we had a great photo shoot at Steve Jones' studio. We never practiced our two skits. I just naturally knew how to tie her up and she just flawlessly reacted. I have no pictures of that night BTW so if anyone does I would love to see em'. We got to stage dance for Jack Oblivian which I don't think could have been anything cooler because as we all know, he just f'n rocks.

(10) How many Derby photo shoots were you in? I recall one at Sun Studio.

Yeah we had several many. Photo shoots galore! The one at Steve Jones' studio where we broke his couch. Two or so at Sun. I did one with Jonathan Postal for his 9-5 expose and the one for the calendar of course. Oh yeah the one with Sam for the X-mas party flyer. I had the cover of "health & fitness" magazine, I was in the paper a few times, and I was the ad silhouette for bout advertisements  in the Memphis Flyer once or twice  .... I know there was more but I can't recall em. It was all a crazy whirlwind.

(11) Tell us all about Cigarette Girl. Why are you the "last starlet"?

Cigarette Girl was an amazing experience. It was crazy and emotional and worth every moment. So many talented, great people took part in this film and I feel so lucky and grateful to have been in the middle of it all. It was like being consumed by a creative avalanche. I met so many people that I never would have met otherwise. I just feel Lucky. As far as the "Last Starlet"... you'll have to ask Mike McCarthy about that one, he's much more eloquent than I am.

(12) Do you smoke? Are you doing it just to promote the movie? Dont you know its bad for you?

Yeah I smoke dammit! I quit between the first shoot of the movie and the second but shit, I was Cigarette Girl! I had to be in character right? I'm such a smoker that I puffed on my E-Cigg the whole flight to Australia and back when I went out for our World Premiere.

I quit every night if that appeases some of you, But after all I'm from Saturn, we all smoke there.

(13)  What's in store for Starlet Cori Dials? Are you going to be playing a 'bad girl" in more movies?

I'm not sure why, but I definitely get pigeon holed with the whole bad girl thing. Not that I'm complaining because it comes so naturally. But one day i hope to play the role of a pregnant nun with Tourette's who has 20 cats and only reads the dictionary. I could do it... feel free to contact me if anything like this comes available. I think i could do a cheery role, after all my teeth are so big I can't help but smile all the time.

Thanks Cori! See you at the Cigarette Girl Premiere!