Are you a Tijunana Bible Thumper?

Then SuperSexxx will take you on a date that iwll live in infamy!

The year is Neo69 and poor little Anita Dickens (wig style #119) is in bad need of an "alter-ego".

Pitchgirl and Hourglass are already doing their thing in Femphis but Pussywhip and the Poontwangers (formerly "The Fuckaloo's") do not yet exist.

Femblem decals inspired by Roach Studios and Gandalf Product ads. The Gandalf ads in the early seventies comics presented the decals you're about to see in a different order; an order that tended toward nihilism, not free love. I have chosen decals that best represent each pages mood, thus letting the story decide the sequential order of the decals. Some decals were left out due to copyrighs, some were left out due to their popular nature (the "smiley face") and others are missing because they were inappropriate to Supersexxx's SKYCULT imagery.

It should be noted that FLAT FLAGS are 2-D early '60's pop movement (a symbolic casket drape. Think JFK). (The sixties begin with the JFK assasination). But as the wind catches a flag and makes it move, it becomes 3-D psychedelic. The late sixties were alive with movement. The MOON FLAG froze the ripple. (the JFK wish of moon travel fulfilled). A combination of both both periods. The Sixties thus end with the Moon walk, but the Seventies do not begin until the Nixon resignation). This interim, this five years from 1968-1973 become the Neo-60's.

Scrutiny: The Western Eye strives for mono-focus. Eastern thought of aspect to aspect. All objects in a composition are more important than one object. Psychedelia intrigues Western thought with it's Eastern philosophy of composition.

Pay attention! It is important for an artist's work to be personal because that artist sends his wavelength through time. Be it ever thus.

Supersexxx's first appearance was in "National Funny Cartoons and Sexy Jokes!". Created in 1974 by eleven year old JMM!

Special Thanks to Coinkadinker Chip Curtis, Vivacious Lactating model Jennifer McLean, Photographer Jim Wilson, and to Ronnie Harris for the platform shoe design.

Boy models on the front cover are Batpunks: Brady DeBussy, Chip Curtis and Dingo Jones. Cover bicycle is an Iverson "Yellowbird" designed by Mod-Modeler George Barris. The Yellowbird has a 5-speed stick, rear mag wheels, and a "zingy klo-colors". Does anyone have the Barris Booklet "Hints On Customizing Your Bike"? Or the 11 Decals?

Front cover dedicated to the "Unexpected" (Do You Have The Nerve?")

Custom Frame and Wheel Base for Prescilla's "Buggy-Fucked" taken from Tom Daniels "Dragon Wagon".

"The Rotting Stumps" (Page 11) as they would have appeared in 1969 had "Go-Go" (Charlton Comics) still been published. (JMM is always looking for back issues of "Go-Go", except #3).

"Posetoasty" magazine inspired by "Joker" and other photo/gag mags of the early '70's. "Destroy Movies" Logo: Spirograph 144 / 96.

Work on this issue began January 4, 1993 and was completed September 13, 1993.





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JMM's next comic will be a fumetti called DAMSELVIS, DAUGHTER OF HELVIS (See the last page of this comic!) This will be followed by KID ANARCHY #4, Then "HELVIS".


(From the inside cover of Supersexxx #1, Halloween, 1993) written and re-edited by JMM



ANITA DICKENS, tell it like it was:
Blood red, bruise blue, piss yellow
My youth had the futility of a Bizarro Sex Loop
Every memory has the smell of Man
and all Men are hamburger meat.
My entire childhood smothered by Men:
clergy, teachers, and my Wicked Step-Monster.
I know by black heart the "her-story" of Beasts,
and all Men are Evil.
As I became a heavenly body,
I was watched by Them.
Soon I would be within Their reach.
Space must be filled.
I had never seen another Girl before.
Except in a broken mirror.
From what I imagined,
each Woman must be a Goddess!
Faraway I sensed a home,
but she can't put her arms around Me.
(She has no arms)
She watches over me as I watch over Her.
We are each other's Master.
But We are named by Them!
But years will fly and space must be filled.



Unknown to Me,
(as many thingys were),
My Step-Monster
became a rich man over night
by selling raffle tickets on stickin' straws
in my primordial cherry soup.
So all the Men of Dickville
lined up for my eighteenth bullet hole,
a pocketful of powder keg belching up a third leg,
outside my very wicked atomic shit house.
My tears hit the cover of a quickly read sex manual
and I hoped my heart beat would scare them away.
But Freeks have no fear of storms,
They've all been mounted with lightning rods.



July 2nd, Neo69:
I laid on my alter waiting for 18 years to kick in.
The Old Balls and Chain had left at the foot of my bed,
a birthday cake, and I could hear
the Dickwicked Stampede inside my phallic fortress.
Mystic Feminine Fire blazed from my Mush.
Step-Monster didn't know that fire has a gender.
He didn't know that he had delivered a sister
to my bed.
To calm my nerves
I began to think of Men as dead things,
the greatest of all, being PSYCHEDELVIS,
assassinated by the women
who now rule nearby Femphis!
That turned me ON
and how I wanted to see that All-Gal Local!
But when the Beasts laughed,
the ceiling crack'd and plaster fell.
I lost my dream urge hearing my Step-Monster
on the stairwell.



My Step-Monster was a 'perverteran'
of many a Sex War and had suffered the Abuse.
He became a custom job
after double-dosin'on war femicals
which gave him a rare disease
by the name of Genitomegaly.
How I hated kissing him goodnight
but he made me for as very long
as I could dismember
He always refused to tell me about my Muther,
saying instead,
he acquired me as a slave,when I was a baby,
to do the work women were meant to do.
Now my wretched sub-pop entered my cell
to 'stik' his runny nose in my bees wax
and to go as deep as possible.
had won the raffle!



Look at what happened
all you goddamned little piss-ants.
Duz it turn you on?
Does it make you feel like a beast?
A monster?
My sub-pop sent me out of my skull
and that's where I orbited,
watching my brain do the Twist.
Well, fuck Chubby Check'r!
Fuck all Men!
I'll make Them do the Squirm!
Lightnin' went down my well-shaft!
I'll make Them do the Squirm!
It struck nerves that make me what I am!
I'll make Them do the Squirm!
I will make Them!...
I will...I will...
I will...
My cherry sexploded like a planet inside me!
I lost my perm!



Suddenly Everything went Archie!
Nature Bleach streaked my kuntry girl hair into Misty Rows!
"Leggo My Alter-Ego!"
That went double for my libido!
And when I walloped; Ditto!
I came to destroy!
Destroy to came I!
(you get the dirty picture)
The Sex Power that changed me
obliterated my Step-Ogre and slave room.
Down with the Op-Opressor!
The Upper hand is Under-handed
And by comparison,
I (!) was the perfect version of Beauty and Power!
2D or not 2D,
There was I
Long underwear and black eye.
Then my X-Rated Vision revealed
the onslaught of the throbbing members
rushing the ol' stair.
So I set the room on fire with my 18 birthday candles!
Soho there!



I flew from the room though the cracks of my generation gap!
Landing in my front yard, I raced through the front door,
smashing family photos of Grandpa!
The suitcase of raffle $$$ was mine!
I barred and locked all the doors behind me.
I left every beast that Dickville had,
to roast in th' Wicked Place!
The haunt'd house left the Earth in a puff of mystic stuff,
but I could fly no longer!
My power vanished, my costume ready for th' coat hanger,
but my new hair do kept it's bouncy playfulness!
Looking over my shoulder, I had my first epiphany:
Ages ago when Women discovered fire,
It wasn't a bolt that began the blaze,
It was flame from a blackened Earth
that struck the sky!!!



So why did my skimpy costume represent that which I despised?
Disgusted, I stripped for Nature and to my surprise,
to a throng of peep'n tomboys as well.
"Of all the friggin' nerve."
But then I saw a hundred reflections of myself!
And they took off their clothes and formed a circle around me:
They were the wives and girlfriends (slaves) of the Dickville Monsters
whose cremated boners lay in the ashes.
The women thanked me for ridding them of their plague.
They called me SISTER FIST
and swore off beasts forever
as the Old House glowed in the dark with pumpkin eyes...
Embers from the fire burn'd away th' field around us.
We were left on an island
with lillies and daisies amidst a scorched sea;
lick'n, laffin', liberated!
"The first gentleness she had ever known."



The next day we worshipped and washed our privates.
Then they began to talk about their new plans
for the dickless town of Dickville.
Since I had appeared to them naked as a jaybird the night before,
the Sister Cult declared their village a nudist colony!!!
Right on!!!
I gave some chick my costume as a keepsake...
I was tired.
I must have kerplunk'd about a kazillion times with the Pagazons,
and tho' I sweat'd very much I felt no magic powers!
No costume! No soup spoon filled my Ultra-Crevice.
Then it struck me like a bolt!
It seemed my power to imprison men wasn't caused
by the bump and grind of a girl's behind.
The root of all devils was the root of my power!
But how could I tell my sisters?
Free Love ethics clashed with secret identity:
"Tell it like it is" became "keep it to yourself!"
And I wore the guilt!



There were tears and tongues all around,
then I got on a bus and headed out of town.
I couldn't tell if the driver was a girl or gorilla.
She-He gave me a pill and apologized for the stench.
After all, a war of the sexes was goin' on
and it wuz so hard and cold to find a seat.
It's not that they were rude,
I think they were try'n to sleep...
The driver told me a story of life in the rear view mirror.
I laff'd until I thought I'd cry
then barb wire scraped the sides
and I knew I had arrived:
Out east nothin' was left but country...
As we approached Midtown I saw trenches and sandbags
and lingerie stores.
Nature worship had gotten out of hand
and most Men were in the stormhouse!
I wanted to praise the good queen Prescilla Paisley
but no one wanted to sing The Ballad of Dwight Frye.
And I couldn't hate them.



Screech! The Doors of Perception opened
but the flag boy was a girl.
I stepped off the bus and what did I see?
Hair that was reachin' to the sky wuz now hair falling down.
Prescilla was calling every girl to kiss the ground.
I thought I heard the symbolism of a siren going round.
I sang 'Howdy' to my Sister Lovers
and they gave me a keyhole to the town.
Th' epitome of th' belle bottomed bumpkin!
"Smile, shed your single mind and live with us!
We will give you Power Folk, New Age Bubble Gum,
Mud Mod, and Horror Surfabilly, Post-Punk Power Pop,
and Alcohol Rock."
(The only monsters Women liked
were musicians cause they look'd like gurls)
In their undergroun' rag,
and I looked to the sky,
"But that's not where you'll find them.
Let's look in our bed!"
So I went home with Fatty and Skinny,
my head in the grey clouds,
Thanks to Free Luv, Free Press, and the Gaze Hounds!



I'd gone to a land where a red siren squeeled
24 hours a day to mark the spot
the noise made the wallpaper peel.
Fatty and Skinny paid the Landlord anyway they could.
He wa a fine artist, so I couldn't tell if he was a boy or a girl,
know what I mean?
His name was "POPS" LICK'N'STEIN
but I recognized him as comic book inker "Hack" Glandsman.
I kept my mind shut.
Fatty and Skinny inked their vacant skulls with smoke rings.
"How do you like my style?" He asked.
"You call this Art?"
And I ran from the dripp'n, stink'n mess.
I heard him yell:
"Hey, I do what I want, but I've got a deadline!"
The irony escaped with me,
I went to paint moustachios on the 'post no bill' signs.
But I had no backseat to call my own, no real escape.
So I put all my eggs in one basket and cast them into the lake.
Build me a car from scratch and sniff and don't be late.



I went back to the broken flat and flat broke there I sat.
"I'd be willing to let a month's rent pass, said Hack,
"If you'd only show yer ass."
It was all a grey matter and why shouldn't I look the other way?
My brain was a horror vacuii and I let him make his grade.
I placed my Patricia Savage tan on a pedestal
just to look down on Art.
I allowed my alter-ego to be exploited,
and in doing so, the cretins exposed themselves!!!
I heard Junior say,
"I see a bright future ahead as a sequential artist!"
When suddenly a black and white bullet struck him down.
"Everyone keep your heads about you..."
said "Pops" as he flailed his brush around!
The Women who ran the school told "Pops" he had to go.
In a fit of rage, he swore revenge,
thumb'n his nose to the lesbian whores!



I scream'd with thrills galore
and followed the sun home to my green door.
But the Peace Flag was half-mast.
It takes a strong wind to make the U.S. flag psychedelic.
Fatty and Skinny were draped and wrapped.
Their spirit had some flyin' to do.
With sullen eye sockets like sewer pipes,
the Angel of Death must use radar.
I was weak again and could not follow,
but I could tell who the culprit was:
There was a mean streak in his master stroke!
The Women in charge were splattered with holes of disbelief,
and turning to me, shocked to see, slapped on the cuffs!
"What have I done?"
"You've stoned 2 sweet birds, bitch!"
"And we all know where you walk on air!'
"It's not that easy a lay!" Ice creamed.
"I have a Fraudian dream!"
Then a manhole blew smoke and popped a whole lid.
Then said a Phantom Amplified Opium Den.
"Look at your symbols! You worship the Sky!"
The women joined in,
"Give her Hell, PITCHGIRL, she thinks we're blind!"



I was pushed down into an inky hole through an invisible plane.
Up above they had a good laff but in the darkness I felt a hand on my ass!
In the crazy blackness
2 purple lips put the 'stag' in stagnant
and forced smoke into my lungs.
"I'm here to pitch you out. Wanna listen to some records?"
"If I worship your cunt cult, will you let me go?"
"I wanna like you, but you like Men!"
"I fucking hate Men! ...I just get my secret powers from Them!"
"So you fuck'n hate, but you luv fuck'n? Give it up!"
"I don't want to. Besides, you allow Men to walk around."
",,,I don't!"
As if to prove her point,
in a rolled a violently rusty cage full of near dead men."
She put her joint out in the small of my back.
"I would not fully judge you."
Pointy fingers snapped and I was dead!
When i came to, I was present'd to PRESCILLA.
She smiled and wash'd my feet.
Then sentenced me to 'Women In Prison' movie contract!
3 flicks and I wuz free!
Gone was any chance to win her over.
The Queen did not want to be saved.
Her personal myth had wiped out the guilt.
Sometimes women act like men.



I'd rather have a bad time than no time at all,
but if this is the 'big house', then I'm in the bathroom stall.
I know what I'd carve if I had a big bar of soap,
but they don't allow me any phallic hope.
But I can't say they don't get me at all.
They rub to love me the right way.
"And I thought we were enemies!"
I relived my childhood
and rewrote my 'mamoirs' on the prison walls
before my subgenre died.
That night I lay awake
dreaming of Steve McQueen's Great Escape
but my thoughts soon turned to Blobs
when 3 Visitors arrived on A-Bombs.
3 Old Hags storm'd my cell by the figurative name
of "McCobb"!
"WITCHIE PUSS", she said she was...
"And this NONA and that's old EERA and I am just because...
Are you FEMM-EL?"
"No, I am ANITA DICKENS, sad as hell!"
"Same difference, good enuff, and these
are the tadpoles round your Wishing Well!



With one mighty word, the Hags outstretched their hands
and made the cruel warden and all her Lillies check their pads!
You must leave the Crypt tonight or must we use a potion?!!"
"Are you my fairy godmutherfuckers?"
"That's not far from the truth, Little Femm-El!
You see, we'd had you long ago had your father fallen for our spells!
...but we've watch'd you from afar.
Follow us and in seven days, you too can play guitar!"
"I have no power to help you fly. I'm an unwanted poster child!"
"Shush! It's your bed-bye!"
So we zapp'd along a misty blue line
where cartoony shapes turned real.
I think we did 52 to 55...
Then I heard Samantha Stevens ask,
"Which Dick do you like best?"
"The Sargeants will be fine!" I replied.
So we crossed the moon and landed on Femphis' west side.
Behold the Black Magic Whore House and I was safe inside.
There, I was bathed and fed, and it was off to bed!!!



Then, as if on a drug,
everything became crystal clear and laid there in peace
swallowing everything the Trio said...
WITCHIE PUSS bellowed,
"Before we tell you your secretive orgy-in,
you must know us to be ugly, barren, sex-starved 'cart horses'...".
"Old hags!" said NONA,
"Repulsive harridans...Decrepit..."
"Retired philosophy professors!" EERA moan'd.
"Oh! Are you feminists?" I asked.
"No, we are MEN!" They laff'd.
Then I saw where they their broom stiks.
"We lived on the planet Pagazon, deep in the Ama-Zone of Space,
it was a world ruled by Women where Men were enslaved!"
(Most male babies were burned at the stake!)
"We are from th' accursed Clan of McCobb!
And tho we think as Women do, we were hated on Pagazon.
We're intellectuals who believe that Men should live free,
and for that, we Shirley would have been killed
had we not escap'd thru Alchemy:
Our Magic drew us to Earth where we were quickly
assimilated by Western Culture (Men) as
Goofy Old Buzzards!"



"Heh, heh, but we kept our Orbs on Pagazon,
knowing that one day it would happen and it did!
Men overthrew the Two Queens; VENUS & BOMBSHE-EL,
and enslaved their subjects to Hell!
Pagazon's downfall was the worship of Science
yet it provide a solution!
A cradle-rocket carrying the Princess
cut through the choking Fempire's pollution.
The Missile crash'd r the fertile Southern soil
and was found by the cruel bastard
you call "Daddy".
"Then I am FEMM-EL!
But I do not understand.
By my birthright and this city's creed,
I should hate every man, and yet I am a liar!"
"Now, now, it is the nature of this planet,
so do not think badly of desires.
For even th you worship th' Man's sky,
you are empowered by a great ball of fire!!!"
"But how does my costume alternate, and reappear?"
"It is our Ritual Gift to you as LAST DAUGHTER OF PAGAZON.
Besides, these humans just love tight-fitting underwear.
So now you know, my dearie,
just come to us when you must fight oppression,
injustice, or simply have a querie!"
The She-Man Shaman lost their forum but I was wide open.
It was as if I'd never tasted, talk'd, or seen,
thought, or heard properly before.
"Wake up, WITCHIE PUSS and give me some proof,
I must touch more than just you!"
slid between the folds of her fetid flesh and spoke...



"Memories are kept in the room closest to the sky!"
And with that, her ratchety vocals entered through my 2 ears,
and I was led up the trembling stair,
to spy on clothes-less mannequins,
cheap thrills, and tye-dyed 45's
and around the ruin of recollection
was the proof that I deserved:
The childhood projectile of folk-lorn
covered with scratches and burns.
Not only did Their EYE allow me the pleasure,
but there sat my few childhood treasures.
"Our Magic has no power over Men but we have stolen our Measure!"
My glove outstretch'd to touch the 5-Speed Womb
and when I did,
the engine purred and said,
"There is more to this Orgy-In than meets the Hot Rod EYE,
There's a chance that both Mother's survived!"
"The DICKEN'S ya say!"
And then th' pre-recorded voice replied:
"VENUS and BOMBSHE-EL followed your ship
in a package of their own design,
but it crash'd on Earth's Cheesecake Satelite
and is lost to time."
"So you cannot verify Death or Life?"
But the Ark said nothing more.
I couldn't believe my hope!
Leaving an emotional vapor-trail,
I flew from th' Night Earth.



Imagination obliterated Truth for the first time.
Broken free from the daisy-chain,
I suited myself for myth
and away from the cold breakfast of champions.
Spring had sprung, and it was our little secret, right boys?
Using X-Rated Power derived from a Millennia of inbreeding,
and asking myself,
"What is the period of history we know the least about?"
I found my mother-ship herein the hands of another man.
"Touch my mothers, will you?!!"
I smash'd lip with the 'now and how' slap
Man, the whole scene lacked atmosphere!
And I remembered Dickville while my face was red.
"Killing men will play well back home on color TV!"
The Stag Curtain did not exactly fall, rather,
it swoon'd over the horizon
and it revealed 3 pretty maidens
all in death row.
"I have set you free and I'll send you back home
if you'll all sing a kind word for me!"
Disciples Three:
It seemed Apollo needed a thirst quench'r
so they sent him 'poon-tang.
The whole scene lacked gravity
and I return'd them for a deposit!



A day in space could be no blacker.
One of the egg ships had burst in it's far-flung root-n-toot-n journey.
O blessed of Natural Objects became some students doomed project.
Over Easy.
Next to the Mess that wuz either
my beloved VENUS or BOMBSHE-EL
wuz a "sleeping booty", more daughter than mother,
a sweet li'l hand maiden brought along from th' other.
Or so I assumed.
The slave class was built to survive.
At that moment, the capsule full of free maidens
struck Femphis like a bolt and I saw the flames spread.
In my urge I awoke, stroke, and spoke to the TEEN SEXXX.
Heavy petting made the gal meow.
My pumps backed into the dust
as the tender one wiped the sleep away and spoke:
"I am BOMBSHE-EL, Sister-Queen of Pagazon
and this is VENUS!?"
She turned to see the miserable sight, then glimpsed herself.
Skipping a beat, she recovered,
"She has changed and it seems so have I, but-
my, look at the ground we've covered!"



"Then behold, li'l one!
I am FEMM-EL, your long lost and last daughter of Pagazon!
Earth knows me as The SUPERSEXXX!
BOMBSHE-EL was unpassionate in her response.
"By some whim, my youth has returned and even tho what you say is true,
I am the Last Daughter. I am younger than YOU.
Suddenly I felt pain!
BOMBSHE-EL had pushed me back.
I pulled her hair and screamed:
"Listen to me!
If you're determined to be th' younger,
then you must respect your elder!"
Over my bent knee,
The strength of trees,
Apollo-driven power in zero gravity
She screamed for more and I strapped on a gift from the "3"
as we rose above the space floor.
When she came, the Old Witch whispered in my ear,
"You will be my side-kick, Mother.
Your name will be Lickety Split.
And if you want to feel Power,
it is my Popsicle you must lick!"
With that the Old Voice disappeared,
and Lickety-Split's costume appeared!
"Look to the Earth, Sister.
The Flames spread in Revolt and We must Split!"



We are all Betty Pagans
but it takes more than a hair-do to catch a man.
It takes the speeding bullet shot from a hole in the wall,
and I didn't "miz" him at all:
There lay Jethro in his death throes.
The Apollo capsule I had thrown
struck Glandsman's gasoline-filled heart
and Femphis went up!
But upon arrival I was powerless and no less hated.
Then one Queen ran to another, shouting back,
"How could 2 women give birth to you, FEMM-EL?"
Oh, I remember.
We allowed the Dregs to mate so we could populate Pagazon with women!
Yes, VENUS and I took you from a slave girl, so there!
Just wait til she needs her batteries charged,
but she is young and she thinks she will feel like this forever.
I want to see her ride into my Western Town -
A silhouette of weakness who needs me,
like all women will need me,
but their Fire shouts them down."
I gathered the 'bitch and pieces' of my broken mentors
and look'n back at my disciples, I said,
"Don't forget to write from prison,
and, even tho won't hear back,
one day I will bust down your panty-shack!"
And as I rushed the McCobb's off to Surgeon's Warning,
I looked back (de ja vu) and spied
QUEEN PRESCILLA'S phone number
in the squashed pocket of Lickenstein!
This was no time for teeth-gnashing!
So off my cape I let the spit roll.
Laffing, we walked, and singing,
"All's well that ends in a hole.
"All's well that ends in a hole.