Bowie-related Pop Culture Artifacts to inform and inspire your imagination.

Remember that this glam rock was influence by CINEMA and live THEATRE!

Enrich class discussions AND influence your work for the better by succumbing to the following influences:

MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH by Nicholas Roeg (Can be quite tedious)
PBS HISTORY OF GLAM (I will loan out my VHS copy)
2,001: A SPACE ODYSSEY by Stanley Kubrick (Book by Arthur C. Clarke)
A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Stanley Kubrick (Book by Anthony Burgess)
CABARET by Bob Fosse
The Films of KENNETH ANGER (Several Volumes, I like "Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome")
The Films of MIKE McCARTHY (that's right, check out the teachers work!)

Also these things might be inspirational in the way you approach your movie:

The THEATRE OF THE ABSURD (also influenced Jim Morrison)

The Art of KUBUKI (and not to be confused with KUBRICK). Seriously, any google search should yield something. This might inform your make-up decisions in a serious way.

"JAQUE BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS" (I would love to see this! Bowie sang Brel songs).

NOTE: These selections (as available) for your perusal FOR FREE at BLACK LODGE VIDEO! Just tell Matt or Brian or one of the handy staff that you are with THE FILM CLASS THAT FELL TO EARTH! They might also recommend something else.

Also the photo-essay book MOONAGE DAYDREAM by photographer MICK ROCK has been a constant source of inspiration to me. Clothes, colors, time frame, Memphis fotos of Bowie, it's all in here. Including mention of the "SATURN SHOW' on WHBQ which supposedly aired the "GENE GENIE" video. Unfortuately this show is probably as lost as a Dewey Phillips "POP SHOP" show or SIVAD episode.

But it's good to know about such things. Lost things have to be reinvented.

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