A review : David Bowie live in Memphis
As Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
At the Ellis Auditorium North Hall. Sept. 24,1972.

Mostly now ,It's nostalgia for all those  great shows I saw  in Memphis back in the 1970's,of  which the Bowie 1972 show was one of the most memorable. I feel sorry for kids in their 20's and  younger .they've missed out on so much. The "Ziggy" was really so much different  than those we had seen before.  That hippie  bullshit was  pretty much shot dead in it's tracks  then. I really didn't even have a good idea of what he looked like before I saw him live. There  really weren't that many pictures of him in circulation. That orange  hair and grey skin was definitely something we hadn't seen previously. I wasn't one  of the most hardcore Bowie fans - a lot  of them were really annoying total misfits who worshipped him to the nth degree.He was their damn god. They were  kids  who just  couldn't get deal with the rest of society and not  in a cool way either. I'm not just talking about eccentrics . They were real fuck-ups and  would make  you sick of  Bowie by being around them. About every third word out of their mouths was "Bowie".
  Did I save other relics? I was  just a teenage white kid who saved his ticket stubs and  the reviews  from the  paper in a little scrapbook. I have that black &white bowie flyer somewhere.  I ordered my tickets  to the '72 show by mail and that thing was  in the return envelope. Did  you notice the  ticket prices? $ 3.00 or $5.00 to see David Bowie seems  incredible  now.  The Sex Pistols  show  in 1978 was  only $3.50!
   I don't even really have a playable copy of "Ziggy Stardust" now . My Ryko CD was stolen on a trip to California about 10 years ago.  I don't  think bowie make a great album after Scary  Monsters and I really haven't  kept up with his stuff in the  past 20 years . I did see him get his star on Hollywood  Blvd. in 1997 though. There  were  kids  in Aladin Sane  make-up that day so some things have not changed.


PS:Also  I think I was at the  premier of Elvis Meets the Beatles at  the  Last Place on Earth some years ago  where  you didn't even show the damn film .Boy, was I pissed!