Film maker Mike McCarthy
awaits Re-Creation while suffering Obsession.

Bowie Obsession
Witness here the somewhat casual poses of Ziggy Stardust photographed by Mick Rock at the Beverly Hotel in '72 where Bowie prefigures Michael Jackson (in shot #1) by 12 years. Now compare Emmy Collin's photos of Filmmaker (and 'glamthropologist') Mike McCarthy in the very same spot(s) near bungalow #5 where Bowie lodged some 35 years before. Little has changed. The phone number to the Beverly Hotel listed in MOONAGE DAYDREAM (Universe Press) is still the same. We feel that this is the exact location for the re-creation. Thanks to Mick Rock, David Bowie, and Universe Press for clues in this glam obsession. Thanks to the nice folks at the Beverly Hotel who had no clue what we were doing.

Re-Creation photographer and Godfather of Idiot Cinema: Emmy Collins!

Bowie photographs used from MOONAGE DAYDREAM by Mick Rock, Universe Press (Buy It Now!)
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