Wheat arrived on Thursday afternoon (taking a bus!) from the airport and joined us at Casablanca where we waited on water. Earlier that day Director of Photography Iddo Patt, assistant Daniel Freeman and I had already taped former Director of Public Services and Neighborhoods DONNIE MITCHELL (who saved the W.C. HANDY house) and retired bio-chemist and author MR. DULANEY (who saved the Carousel). None of this would have been easy without the camera loan from Chad Schaffler or the previous sound work of John Markham.

With Wheat we travelled to the fabled Hotel Chisca (where Dewey first played Elvis on air at WHBQ) to meet Memphicentric radio personality and best friend of Elvis GEORGE KLEIN who tried to open the shabby but elegant Hotel Chisca with his Key to the City newly given by Mayor Herenton.

So who is Iddo? Memphis multi-media whiz Iddo Patt has joined me in crafting the never ending saga with a deadline: DESTROY MEMPHIS. Using Indie Memphis as a kick in the pants, Iddo edited a 15 minute sequence (not yet a proper trailer) to give the audience a sense of atmosphere. But the finished piece is still one year away. Check back with us as we may update more new sequences and countdown to the City of Memphis mayoral elections of 2007 and the premiere of DESTROY MEMPHIS.

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