I want DESTROY MEMPHIS to have vignettes. Perhaps these are dvd menu items, apart from the narrative. But if these artsier elements can function to advance the story then I believe it serves this documentary better, albeit in a surreal way. The ZIPPIN PIPPIN inspired such a piece.

At this years Memphis Ponderosa Stomp I approached Peter Guralnick and asked if he would narrate a couple of paragraphs from his “Fall of Elvis” classic CARELESS LOVE describing the LAST RIDE that Elvis took on the old wooden roller coaster. Peter said that he found the idea ‘unsettling’, that I could use the text and find someone else to narrate it. That someone else turned out to be me.

See the coaster covered in snow - which counters the summertime narrative; a visceral testimony to a dying thing; an akward, elderly construction that still shines as American Pop Culture once did.

Camera and narration by Mike McCarthy. Music by Jeff Wagner from his FURY TOWN cd. Titles by Brian Dixon. Additional effect by Warner Witt and Iddo Patt. Edited by Wheat. Words used by Permission of Peter Guralnick. Thanks Peter, I really hope you like it.